System Requirements

In order to run Spreadsheet Studio, your computer must have the following software installed:

  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or 10
  • Microsoft Excel 2007 or 2010

Note: Spreadsheet Studio does not yet support Excel 2013 but will be in future. Excel 2003 and earlier will not be supported.

If you do not already have them installed, the Spreadsheet Studio installer may prompt and offer to install the following supporting Microsoft components.

  • Microsoft .Net 4.0 Client; and
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office 2010 Runtime

Most Windows 7 computers running Excel 2010 will already have these components installed.

Note: Spreadsheet Studio does not require admin rights. However, you may require admin rights if your computer needs to install the supporting Microsoft components.


New Installation

If this is the first time you are installing Spreadsheet Studio, simply download and run the installer. A new installation can take between 30 seconds and 5 minutes depending on whether your computer already has the Microsoft prerequisites installed. You may be prompted to reboot your computer during the installation.

Keeping Updated

Spreadsheet Studio checks for updates once a week. If an update is found, the update is installed automatically ensuring you always have the latest version installed. If you like, you can check the version you have installed by following these steps.

User Prompts

Windows Vista and 7

On starting the installation you may be presented with the following prompt:


Windows UAC Prompt

All version of Spreadsheet Studio are signed with our secure key. This guarantees that the installation file has not been modified or tampered with. If the verified publisher is “Spreadsheet Studio Pty Ltd”, you can confidently install the software by clicking Yes.


To begin downloading Spreadsheet Studio, please click the download button on the right.