The Formula Explorer changes the way you work with formulae by making formulae dynamic and interactive. This is useful for:

  • Deconstructing a complex Excel formula and navigating its constituent parts; and
  • Easily identifying and correcting errors within complex Excel formulae.

Hyperlink to Ranges

Using the Formula Explorer you can click on a range or named range and be instantly taken there. The Formula Explorer:

  • Follows references across sheets - even when cells are grouped or hidden; and
  • Works on both single cells and named ranges.

It let's you continue working either:

  • Where you started your analysis when you click on the back button; or
  • Lets you continue working at your destination.

Finally, the Formula Explorer shows your formulae just like Excel. Every part of the formula is colour coded. The result? No confusion when you switch between Excel's formula bar and Formula Explorer.

Navigate Range

Interim Results

The Interim Results feature lets you hover your mouse over the different parts of a formula and Formula Explorer calculates the result.

The Formula Explorer evaluates the part of the formula you select and shows you the answer. By breaking down a complex Excel formula into it's constituent parts, it becomes much simpler to understand the complex Excel formula and to spot errors.

Interim Formula Results

Bracket Forests

The Interim Results highlighting feature discussed above is a powerful tool for checking where brackets open and close - highlighting everything inside is much easier for reviewing your complex Excel formula than carefully checking Excel's colour co-ordinated parentheses.

Complex Excel formula with a large number of brackets